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Beautiful (Audio with lyrics)


Verse 1:

There was a time in my life

I thought I was nobody

When I looked at myself

I didn't like the way I was

I heard a voice inside of me

Saying you are beautiful

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

First Chorus (repeat twice):

I am so beautiful, beautiful

No matter how I look

I am so beautiful, beautiful

Just the way I am

Pre Chorus:

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful (x2)

Verse 2:

You are so unique

Just the way you are

You are so original

No one is like you

Say it to yourself yeah

I am so Beautiful

God has made me

So perfect and he loves me

Chorus 2 (repeat twice):

you are so beautiful

No matter how you look

you are so beautiful, beautiful

Just the way you are

Pe chorus:

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful (x2)


Ooo oooh, Ooo oooh, Ooo oooh, oo oh (repeat twice)

Repeat first Chrous twice

repeat pre Chrous twice

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